What's Hatoful Boyfriend?

A Pigeon Dating sim by Hato Moa.
There are the free demo and the full paid version in English.

The free demo

You can play pigeon dating sim with seven birds.
Other info is here.

The full version

You can date eight birds with much more scenes on the full version.
Also, it has the long mystery story.

You can purchase one with five dollars here!


There is a sequel, "Hatoful Boyfriend HolidayStar" though,
I've not released the English version yet.
Please wait for a while.

Check the latest news in English on Tumblr!


Hatoful Merch

There are some official Hatoful merch in cafepress.


How can I send donations?

You can help my works and site keep going on by donations.
Any Amount would be appreciate!




Can I do fanfic or cosplay?

Of course you can. Have fun!


Can I make and sell Hatoful toys?

If you make them by yourself as a personal project, it's OK.
But please do not use the official logo, screen shots and official arts on them
since it possibly make someone misunderstand it's official one.